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Why Gilda’s Club Kansas City?

The Founding Board of Gilda’s Club Kansas City's goal was to create a warm, welcoming place so that the people of the Kansas City area will never have to face cancer alone. The Founding Board believes that the establishment of a Gilda’s Club Kansas City clubhouse, offering its program all free of charge, is an investment in the quality of life for the region.

  • Cancer is the second leading cause of death--after heart disease--in both Missouri and Kansas, with approximately 30,000 new diagnoses in Missouri and 13,000 new diagnoses in Kansas each year.
  • Three out of every four people will be touched by cancer in their lifetime.
  • In 2006 over 9,000 individuals were diagnosed with cancer in the Kansas City metro area. (source: American Cancer Society, Inc. Cancer Facts and Figures 2006)

Gilda’s Club Kansas City fills a gap in the Kansas City cancer community, ensuring that those touched by cancer get free, immediate and ongoing access to emotional and social support.

Gilda’s Club Kansas City is a collaborative organization working side by side with the whole cancer community, not just select organizations or hospitals. Gilda's Club Kansas City is excited to offer this program, available to many communities already.

Gilda’s Club Kansas City benefits from its affiliation with a well organized central organization (Cancer Support Community) learning best practices from the nearly 50 existing affiliates; and 11 provisional affiliates, including Kansas City.

Today, a number of resources exist in our Kansas City community for people living with cancer. These include hospital and clinic support groups, a variety of patient classes and temporary housing. However, support groups are generally specialized, serving only people diagnosed with cancer or specific patient groups, often based on a type of cancer. Classes are sporadic. And few services address social and emotional needs of people living with cancer on an ongoing basis. Nearly all such classes and support groups leave out key participants in the cancer experience, namely family members and friends. Finally, few programs are offered on a consistent and ongoing basis for teens and children.

With more than 60,000 people in the metro area living with cancer, there is a tremendous need for the Gilda's Club program in Kansas City.