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What Makes Gilda's Club Unique?

  • Gilda's Club gives people a place to learn how to live with cancer. More than just offering support groups, Gilda's Club is a support community, providing a place to connect, learn and socialize.
  • Gilda's Club offers a home-like environment, free from any formal medical affiliation. Rather than attend support groups in medical facilities, club members and family members find support in a warm and welcoming clubhouse.
  • Gilda's Club is easy to join. Anyone living with cancer or any family member or friend can attend a New Member Meeting and complete a CMP (customized membership plan), to explore how Gilda’s Club provides support. Facilitated by Gilda's Club staff and volunteers, the New Member Meeting includes an introduction to the club and program.
  • Gilda's Club is a place for the entire community. A collaborative effort across the Kansas City medical community, Gilda's Club strives to work with community organizations and leverage resources.
  • Gilda's Club is designed for the whole family, not just for the person living with cancer. Gilda's Club offers something for everyone.
  • Gilda's Club is for men affected by cancer, offering a wide variety of activities geared just for men - rare in Kansas City.
  • Gilda's Club is for teens and children affected by cancer, offering numerous teen and child-focused activities - rare in Kansas City.
  • Gilda's Club is for women affected by cancer too, offering a wide variety of activities. In fact, Gilda's Club is named for Gilda Radner, celebrated comedian who had ovarian cancer.
  • Gilda's Club provides a welcoming social component - just come and be who you are.
  • Gilda's Club is a global brand, providing a proven and successful program structure throughout North America.
  • Gilda's Club is open and available six days a week, all year long, for members who need something readily available.